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How to turn off conversation view in Thunderbird?

Making moves

1. I'm using Thunderbird 115.3.3 supernova. It has this conversation view like Gmail brought in where it nests all the messages.

I find it very confusing to use, how do I turn it off? I went through all the settings but I can't find any option.

1. Conversation view.png

2. When I do a search I click on the message and it shows the items in a list instead of just loading up the email. I'm guessing this is part of the same feature, also would like to turn this off too.

2. Search shows a list.png


Making moves


Try this:

1. In Thunderbird, select the folder with the conversation you want to turn off.

2. Click "View"

3. Select "Sort By"

4. Select "Unthreaded"

That should do the trick!


I have v115.11.0 and those instructions don't work - the only 'view' I can find is in the hamburger and there's no 'sort by'.  Any suggestions for me? Thanks 

Making moves

That did it, what a relief, thanks.

But it still doesn't solve problem 2.