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How to Stop Automatic Updates to Firefox

Making moves

There must be some way built in to the program to stop automatic updates to Firefox. On or about 7, or 8, or 9 July 2023 Firefox automatically updated (I think it was to version 115) and as a result it no longer works. I simply can't get it to run. This meant that I no longer had an internet browser. So I had to restore my last Shadow Protect system image backup which unfortunately was dated 28 Feb 2023 which in turn meant that I have lost many very important bookmarks which I have researched and saved in Firefox since 28 February and 9 July 2023. Immediately after restoring my 28 February 2023 system image backup, before running Firefox, I invoked Sysinternals Autoruns and disabled the two entries which allow Firefox to automatically update. Somehow Firefox got around that prohibition and updated anyway to version 114.0.2. This is disasterous. Please can you make it possible for the user to decide whether he/she wishes to install an update. This used to be the case in times past and it meant that before actually installing an update you could make a system backup to enable restoring to a previous state in case an update caused problems.

Thank you, Andrew Hart 


Making moves

you can turn app updates off (make False or True) in your about:config file, but mozilla still is the system administrater and will update FF when and if they feel like it... I've been fustrated for years by their know it all attitude so after reading and replying to your comment I going to uninstall FF and get a different browser...



For my part
I've checked, which doesn't exist in about:config
According to Linux,, exists in about:config
Additional information: there's no need to use about:config
Check for updates, but let you decide whether to install them, is false

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