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How to bring back "What should Firefox do with this file?" Firefox 98

Making moves

Now I miss this from Firefox, when I click any type of the files.

How can I get back? This is very annoying.

Thanks in advance!


Familiar face

Downgrade to 97 or look for another browser. doesn't seem to care to fix it. They already tried to pass that garbage as a shiny new feature. I don't think the marketing retards will admit their faults anytime soon.

As far as I am concerned I am moving everything to Edge. Especially since it offers the option to clear selected portions of history when browser is closed (unlike all other Chrome-based browsers).

you might also want to try vivaldi, maxthon, brave and opera/operaGx

Making moves

This was an great feature that prompted me to use firefox than other browsers. All the unncesassry files will not be downloaded my comp and I dont need to take extra time to clear them off as well.

I hope Firefox will consider bringing this nice feature back