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Google's Manivest V3 Killing Adblock - Boost Firefox Useage?

Making moves

More and more videos are appearing on youtube/socialmedia, people are speaking about Google's Manivest V3 which will make adblockers useless on chromium based webbrowsers, obviously Google will benefit from this disgusting move as their entire business model is based on ads. This is where Firefox comes in by not being a chromium based browser. I'm curious on how many new clients have been registered lately, is the usage going up? I found this (image attached below). For now there doesn't seem to be a huge spike?

I really hope Firefox will gain a boost in users and chrome should die. Chrome has zero privacy, firefox is so much better, spread the word!


Making moves

I legit swapped to  firefox 20 minutes ago because of this. I want to make sure that as long as firefox doesn't shoot me in the back it won't be a dead motherfudger like Chrome is to me for said shooting.

Firefox better make sure that ADblock works or else I'm filing for divorce.