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pixiv curently stuck in infinite reload loop (solved)

Making moves

[SOLVED] My bad on that one this is a ghostery issue (the adblock module of it to be exact)

also i would delete the trhead if it would let me but it wont so my bad again


Honestly I am not a web coder person nor a firefox expert so I cant start breaking down whats happening exactly, however I can very clearly identify behavior
Right now opening any page on pixiv, whether its a direct link to an image post or main page or anything else will cause this behavior where firefox will block jscript requests which will cause the site to reload itself, over and over and over.

I tested this on chromium based browsers and the issue isnt present with them.

With noscript I can manage to pin point that it is specifically scripts served by that will cause this behavior, however disabling those scripts will make the site unsuable

Please bear in mind that fully disabling noscript (as in not just on that site but globally from addons) creates the exact same behavior so this can very much be identified as an issue with how current build of firefox (125.0.3 (64-bit)) is handling the site