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GO Back To Old Address Book

Making moves

This new Address Book is to complicated.  I just want to send an email and select the recipients and add to Bcc. I can't drag anything. I have to look for directions some place. This is also true for forwarding to a list. Much to complicated. What was wrong with the old address book, it was useful for a long time. Maybe make the new one function in some ways like the old version. Like select or copy and drag.


Making moves

I agree. When an address pops up across the address list, it blocks most of the address file. Absolutely no need for it. Seems Firefox is guessing which address I want which is a big a pain as the trending and suggestions put up by google every time it opens. Advice to Firefox : TAKE THE BLASTED INTERFACE BACK TO PREVIOUS MODE AND LEAVE IT ALONE FOR A YEAR. STOP FIDDLING WITH SOMETHING THAT WORKS.

Making moves

I hate the new address book, I can't drag contacts into my sub groups (Contractors, tenants, etc) and the box that comes up when you click on a contact is soooo annoying.  This is NOT an improvement.  Fire the person who came up with this mess.  Otherwise, very happy with Mozilla.