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Full screen getting messed up with new tab opening.

Making moves

This happens every time and is not a one-off. I'll be watching Rugby in full screen mode.  I'll start an application on my PC that wants to use the Firefox browser as a front-end.  When the new tab occurs and gains focus, I can not go back to full screen for the rugby game.  The picture is about 3/4 of the window.

Now, I'm using my Samsung TV as a monitor if that has any bearing on this.  It's strange and annoying as there is 1/3 of the bottom screen is black and about 1/4 on each side is black.  The picture is centered and aligned to the top of the display.

If I try to go into full screen mode and back, the screen momentarily goes full screen and then it goes back to either the original, non-full screen, or the 2/3rds of the screen view.

Any ideas other than shutting down Firefox and restarting everything?