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Firefox - Windows Store version very slow at launch

Making moves

Hi guys.

We found that Firefox which is installed from the Windows Store is painfully slow to launch, compared to the regular installation from the Mozilla website.

It takes about 5-10 seconds to see the address bar. We are facing this issue on different Windows 10 devices, even with clean Windows and Firefox installations.

In our company, the Windows Store version of Firefox is deployed to all devices via Intune, because that's a comfortable method and it ensures that Firefox stays up-to-date.

We kind of understand that around 40% of our employees do not want to use Firefox, probably because of the above named issue.

I am not a IT professional and I just wanted to inform Mozilla about it.


Making moves

The same happens over here as well, the version installed from the Windows store takes too much to start up, even on a clean install. Otherwise It goes really fast if installed from the Mozilla website.

What I tried was, start Firefox with extensions disabled, a clean Windows machine with up to date drivers, with the same results as described above.

It just happen to me not long ago that my version of Firefox installed right from the Mozilla Web changed it name by itself, and that also when trying to update the software it takes the user to the Windows store.

Hope you guys give us some help and answers, Firefox has been my main browser since 2008, and don't plan to ever move out from it. Best regards.

Making moves

I thought to myself, "this must be Microsoft's way of promoting Edge over Firefox". LOL!

Anyway, I can reproduce this problem too. I guess I'll just download the installer from Mozilla, but having to reconfigure the profile and login everywhere AGAIN sucks!