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firefox window on 2nd monitor disappears when macbook air sleeps -w/ no history of its tabs.

Making moves

many times - but not all times - when my new (spring 2023) M2 macbook air is hooked up to a second monitor, and i have 2 firefox windows open each with several tabs, some pinned, when the macbook goes to sleep, the firefox window on the second monitor will just disappear. it doesn't ask if i want it to close (tho that is my setting) and it doesn't remember which tabs it had open either. super frustrating! can anyone help?



When this happens, does the window appear on the Closed windows list? Either:

  • menu button > History > Recently Closed Windows
  • (menu bar) History > Recently Closed Windows

If it is not on the list, hmm, Firefox may think it is still open somewhere. If you try to switch to one of the tabs in that window by typing % in the address bar and then part of the title or URL of one of the open tabs, does Firefox show it as an available "Switch to tab" option? And if you click that, what happens?

Making moves

SOLVED So... I figured it out. I'm a newbie Mac user and Macs have capacity to host multiple Desktops...I didn't really know this and I "lost" the second desktop, which, when rediscovered did indeed still have the second Firefox window open...hence no memory of recently closed windows/tabs. My bad!