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Firefox updates and adds things that shouldn't be removed

Making moves

I hope this is the best place to say it. I don't like that Firefox updates add things I can't remove, for example:
- tab list (always visible even when not needed)
- "Extensions" button on the navigation bar
I hope I was helpful 🙂


Making moves

Absolutely agree, and this is a main reason why I'm here at the moment! Firefox is a great browser exactly because it let user to adjust the interface to their needs. With the add-on (extension) button at the end of the toolbar bothers a lot - for years, that place was reserves for undo close tab, for me. Can you imagine how many time in just few days I made a wrong click, just because some smart ass wasn't thinking... 😡

Making moves

I resolved the problem. Uninstall v109 and install pre-downloaded v108. Block auto-updates.

Also, you can just overinstall the older version.

I'm afraid this is not a sustainable solution - of course, you can always roll back to previous versions and...? Three months later, there will be V112, quicker and safer but you are still on V108 just because of the stupid button? The point is that Firefox stays open for user arrangements and tweaks, and not imposing predefined solutions.

Agreed. That's also why I stopped using Waterfox some time ago. Developers should just stick to what users say they like, and, instead of removing stuff, make it configurable and/or part of the customization page. That way, everyone stays happy, relatively speaking.


Making moves

Very good points. As power users, many of us enjoy a minimalist feel and just want the browser we like to function as such. Rather than taking options away from power-users, just to suit the fan-boy crowd, Mozilla should always provide the user with the option to customize anything being added to the browser, including removing something if they so wish to.