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Firefox Slow Except When in Private Mode

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After the most recent update my Firefox started crashing more often and slowly loading pages.

I disabled sync across my browsers and that seemed to fix the crashing problem, but there are still many sites that it loads very slowly.

If I load the site in Private Mode - or in Chrome - the site pops up very fast.

I've tried disabling my extensions.
I've tried running in Troubleshooting Mode.
I've cleared the startup cache.
I've done a "refresh" of Firefox as well.
There are currently no extensions or themes installed at all.

But, it still loads site slowly (10-20 seconds vs immediate) unless I use private mode.
Any thoughts?


Making moves

same for me. Slowing down the whole system since the newest update of firefox was installed. Even freezes up the laptop sometimes for a couple of seconds.
Can't use firefox anymore.

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I may have found the reason a number of sites are loading slowly (except in private mode or chrome).

If I go to SETTINGS -> PRIVACY & SECURITY -->then change from Standard to Strict things work better.

There must be a cross-site cookie or something like that causing problems.
That would explain private mode working.

Not sure why Chrome makes it load quicker.

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Still being very slow, If this is an improvement, then it needs improvement!!  Like now , not a fast typist , and the screen lag is 1-2 seconds, text appears is blocks after the finished word.  Ughhhhhh!!!!!  Really acting weird on Outlook/Hotmail.

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There are still multiple sites that load super slow. But, if I run them in Chrome they're just fine.

I've discovered that some of these are still slow in private mode, and no matter what security settings I use.

By slow, I mean... really slow - like taking 30-60 seconds to load a page, when it pops up in Chrome in 0.5 seconds.

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I do have the same problem... latest update installed (107.0.1) and firefox is very slow to load websites like youtube...

Sometimes the browser freeze ..

I can't use it at all, we need a fix ASAP thanks.


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Here is a screen shot of a loading time from for example.
You'll see the loading time is 1.37 minutes!! It loads in Chrome in 1 second, literally, so it's not merely the website/server problems. It's something Firefox.

Screenshot 2022-12-12 153608.png

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Screenshot 2022-12-12 153608.png

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I don't know who fixed it, but this morning Firefox is loading all the sites quickly. Zillow, for example, and all the other sites I can remember loading extremely slowly are now loading super quick just as before.

Thank you!

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Well... it was a wonderful two days... now the same sites all load super slow again.
Zillow, DrudgeReport, for examples.

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Noticing the same thing here. When I load the same page side by side with Edge, edge is loaded and ready to rock and roll while Firefox is still spinning.

Please fix this ASAP

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Yes, very slow on Facebook Marketplace while Chrome has no trouble at all.

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I also observe Firefox not loading pages for up to 60s. No visible progress at first and then they suddenly finish loading...
... I open an EDGE Window when noticing such a slowdown - then firefox instantly finishes 😯

I was wondering if anyone else can reproduce this workaround on their systems.
I wonder what the cause might be (some weird interaction with DNS, firewall, ...?)