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Firefox scrolling jumps in Facebook

Making moves

When scrolling posts on Facebook, there are random jumps up to 6 new posts forward. It is necessary to scroll back and look for the last displayed post (photo, video, txt). It looks like firefox doesn't remember the last displayed position before updating the cache. It is very annoying because there is always a flicker.

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Yesterday, besides the random auto scrolling jump problem, this whole problem stated on the reply above started happening to me too, at this rate facebook is almost impossible to  browse

Making moves

105.0.1 - the same problem. It looks like this thread is useless, no one from mozilla is ever checked it and they don't use facebook.

You are mistaken. Quoting from a recent post:


Hey all,

Just wanted to jump in this thread and provide a quick update. We are looking into and working on the issue especially trying to identify the underlying problem. Thank you for your patience and help in bringing this to our attention.

-The Community Team

That post has a link to the debugging thread.


Scroll down to Sept. 13 post by Jon.

Familiar face

105.0.1 Great improvement for me today. Slow scrolling is smooth. When the scroll bar nears the bottom, there's no jump as more posts get loaded off screen while the scroll bar jumps up. Scroll a little faster, and I get a jump to one item lower, so I don't have to scroll back up to "find my place." Scroll really fast, and there's a jump, but since I haven't been paying attention, I can't tell whether I've lost my place or not. So I can't complain. OS Monterey 12.6 on MacBook Pro M1.

I haven't been to Facebook yet today, but I have previously noticed that some days the problem is worse than others.  Sometimes mine is ok for awhile but gets worse the more I scroll.  So unless it works good for several days in a row, I wouldn't get too excited if I were you.

I still experience the jump on 105.0.1. Not fixed.

Making moves

I am on firefox 105.0.1 (64-bit) and I can say that Facebook is literally unusable with Firefox... Fun fact I switched from Chrome yesterday only because it's partially written in Rust (Yeah lul)... but this experience def pushes me back to chrome ngl.

Making moves

I am on 105.0.1(64 bit) and this continues to be an unresolved issue months later. What I have noticed is while more posts are being quickly loaded and forced scrolling occurs, the home position of the page is losing the earlier posts from the timeline. It is like the tab is reaching some kind of size limit and posts on top are deleted as new ones are added below causing the jump. From Firefox's perspective, the position is being maintained but not from the users point of view as posts are repositioned.

Familiar face

Simple fix, try it: 105.0.1 Quit Ffx and restart.

Two days ago, after upgrade to 105.0.1, all was OK, smooth scrolling except when browsing too fast without pausing to read, then it jumped one post. Yesterday it started to autoload large chunks of posts, so I quit Ffx and restarted. Behavior reverted to normal. Today, still good. Another possible fix, try it: Close the current tab, open a new one and see if scrolling is broken, and report. Results may give a hint about what gets broken.

Should have noted Mac OS Monterey v 12.6.

Making moves

I have been having the same problem for several months now. At first I thought it was a Facebook issue, but I tried using Chrome and the problem went away. Also, sometimes, when going through Facebook notifications, the screen will freeze and no longer accept input from either the mouse or keyboard. Only option is to either close the window and start over or use the back arrow to return to the previous page. I am using Windows 10 64bit.


Familiar face

A new thought: Does it matter whether you're scrolling in the default order, or when you opt for most recent first? Would different pieces of code come into play?

After several days of nearly perfect behavior, today my scroll (most recent first) started jumping a few posts and then autoscrolled continuously until I quit Ffx. The other day, quitting and relaunching Ffx seemed to resolve it, but today that jumping started again at about the same point in time. After quitting and relaunching Ffx I scrolled in the default order, and it behaved normally, smooth scrolling.

Then this is wholly facebook's fault. They are so hell bent to make us see the timeline they want us to see instead of the natural way which is in chronological order. I miss too many posts from those I follow if I let it display in the default manner.

I use the default order of the feed, and mine still jumps.  It seemed to have slowed down, but maybe I just hadn't been scrolling as much.  It gets worse the farther I scroll.  I still think it's a Facebook issue, though, because it started right before a FF update, not after the update  Plus now FB is doing other funky things; for the past day or two it's been randomly taking me to a link "About Facebook Ads" when I click on something - maybe when I'm trying to close a picture or clicking to go to another FB feature. 


Making moves

I hate to switch browsers and join the Chrome collective, but this behavior has gone on long enough. Apparently they can't fix it.

Making moves

I'm glad, I found this thread, cause this issue has been driving me crazy for at least couple of months.
My temporary solutions is to use FF for normal FB activities and (unfortunately) I have Chrome open on my second monitor just to go through FB news feed.

Making moves

I just found this thread. This problem has been driving me crazy for months. I can't believe it is still not fixed. I hate chrome but this is the sort of thing that will force me to use it.

Making moves just started happening to me over the last month.  I even cleared cache & data..........rebooted Firefox.......rebooted Facebook......rebooted my whole PC.  Is there a plan to fix this??

Familiar face

V 105.0.3 Still stable, working fine for me. Mac OS Monterey v 12.6. Firefox v 105.0.1 made the first improvement, with occasional relapses. 105.0.2 was good, latest today continues to show good behavior. The only interruption now is when fast scrolling reaches the end of buffered posts, a slight hitch waiting for new posts. No jumps, no out-of-control scrolling.

If you're having trouble, please mention your OS. Thanks.

105.0.3 here on Windows and FB still jumps

I am also still having this issue, FF 105.0.3 and Windows 10.  Recently, there has been another issue with FF in my browser; it does funky things sometimes when I try to view individual pictures on a post which has multiple pictures.  It won't scroll through the pics and some of the buttons either won't work when I click on them or they will lead me to some random page instead of where they are supposed to take me.

I have noticed the same. Best way to view those pictures in the post is to right click and open in a new tab so it doesn't corrupt your session.  The close "X" button has been hit or miss if it will work recently.

It's hard to break old habits and remember to right-click!  LOL  I have an issue when going through notifications; when I click on a notification that so-and-so is interested in an event, it goes to the old FB format and takes away the notifications pane.  I have to reopen all notifications and try to find my place again.  I need to right-click on those, but I forget until after I've done it!  It wouldn't be so bad if I could count on FB to correctly show "unread" notifications, but notifications about group posts show up as "read" if I have seen any posts in my newsfeed from the group, whether or not the notification is for that particular post or an older one I didn't see.  If FB would put the notifications back in chronological order, I wouldn't have to click on every one, but with the random order they use now, I need to "open" all of them so I don't get confused!

Same here. In addition to the scrolling issue

Most recent version of Windows 10 and Firefox and it is still scrolling like crazy at times.

Running Windows 10 Pro 21H1

Making moves

Yep.............can't even read my feed for more than about 10 minutes without it scrolling down 30 posts or more.  It's ridiculous.  It's only been happening to mine since the update before know, the one where the FONT in the browser bar is so small I have to put on readers  - or I have to type everything into Duck Duck GO so I can see what I'm typing?  I've found NOTHING that changes that issue also.  I normally use a medium to large Ariel font because I'm 66 years old.  I don't need a TINY FONT - AND - my FB scrolling so fast it makes me dizzy!!!!  The reason I use Firefox is for the Tab Stash so all my tabs are clogging up everything (i.e. Chrome).  This is so much nicer - and convenient!  I wish y'all would get it fixed!  Again - I'm Running     Windows 10 Pro    21H1   19043.2006      Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0


Most people had the opposite problem with that crazy update that resized everything; most people complained about the user interface becoming way too large.  There is a thread about that and a solution is posted.  Here's a link to the solution.  The first suggestion he has is to change Windows settings, but that might mess up other things on your PC.  The second suggestion involves adding a setting in about:config.  It sounds complicated, but it is not; just do the steps he listed.  When you set the value, you may need to experiment with the number.  His suggestion of 100 worked great for me, but different numbers make it either larger or smaller.

Making moves

105.0.2  - AGAIN and again. Best compliments.

Familiar face

105.0.3 Mac OS Monterey 12.6 Relapse today, skipping posts and multiloading. Cured by quitting Ffx and relaunching. Stable again. Can't connect it to anything I can spot in the feed, running newest posts first.

Making moves

Firefox is a garbage browser...  Doesn't work with Facebook...  Chrome and Edge work perfect..  Been going on for quite some time.  If Mozilla can't fix this, then it's time to dump Firefox.

I hear  you.  I just really like using the STASH feature because I'm one of those people that use a TON of TABS at one time because I flip through them.  I have tabs set on Edge (but I keep the browser closed unless I'm using those tabs).  I have tabs on CHROME (but again I keep the browser closed unless I'm using those tabs).  There are some things I just CAN'T run with Firefox without going NUTS.  The new "CHASE FEATURE" in Facebook is one of them.  I have to reboot my computer about every 30 minutes or so just to get it to work.  Device name DESKTOP-V1LDBD0
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600KF CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz
Installed RAM 48.0 GB
Device ID 18F5FE0B-231E-455D-AF77-E933C305018B
Product ID 00330-80000-00000-AA513
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display.  I know I have the max RAM possible for this MB.  We just built it about 3 or 4 years ago.....and then lightning took out that MB - so we had to re-do it again less than a year ago......but like I said - it's maxed on RAM now and I'll have to change out my case & my MB to upgrade it again!  ..................................I guess I'll just have to try Edge for things besides my webcams, Ancestry, Newspapers, & Truthfinder.  ROTFL!!!...................I'll keep monitoring this because I'll like to continue using Firefox as my Default..........once the FONT size is back like it was (yes, I know I can change it on the page......which is a real hassles).........I just can't change it in the "search box".  AND....when the "runaway Facebook is fixed."   Nice to meet you all!

Making moves

I have exactly the same scrolling / skipping problem - it seems to be restricted to Facebook (at least I haven't noticed it elsewhere, but then Facebook requires a lot more scrolling than most other places...), and the problem only started with the update to Firefox version 105.0.3.  Scrolling in 105.0.2 worked fine, as it did in all the previous updates.  (Windows 7, 64 bit)

Familiar face

Could this be primarily a Facebook problem, rather than Firefox? A new comment in the bug report (You'll need a separate login for the Mozilla bug discussion, but this is it):

Comment # 93 on Bug 1779404 from Ed at 2022-10-12 20:22:53 PDT

FWIW, I manage a FB group that provides tech support for a FB-related extension and there have been complaints of this behavior with non-FF browsers.


Making moves

Version 105.0.3 still doing this, has been doing it for months, it's really annoying.

Making moves

Yes here too. If you advance the scrolling a little when it jumps, sometimes it will keep jumping with FB infinity-scolling indefinitely, continuously, annoyingly.

Making moves

105.0.3 still has it

Making moves

I have the issue also, wins 10, desktop. 

Familiar face

Ffx v. 106.0.1 still good on Mac OS Monterey v 12.6.