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Firefox scrolling jumps in Facebook

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When scrolling posts on Facebook, there are random jumps up to 6 new posts forward. It is necessary to scroll back and look for the last displayed post (photo, video, txt). It looks like firefox doesn't remember the last displayed position before updating the cache. It is very annoying because there is always a flicker.

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Making moves

Firefox 104,the problem was not fix

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104.0.1 and the issue persists, even worse, with the scrolling being very fast almost unstoppable

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Yip, happens for me to. Not all the time - it just randomly starts and stops. Can't believe Mozilla have done nothing about this.

@deleelee wrote:

Can't believe Mozilla have done nothing about this.

Developers have been looking at this and trying to pin down why FB's autoload code triggers Firefox to keep running it over and over and/or how to stabilize the position on screen. It's going to take more time.

Thanks for that. Hopefully it will be sorted soon.

It gets worse the more I scroll.  I've decided that maybe it's telling me I spend too much time on Facebook and it's time to get off and do something else!  LOL  Looks like Facebook would also be trying to fix this and just undo whatever they did to cause the problem. 

Previously, I had an issue where pictures would stop loading and just show blank space some days, after I had been scrolling for a while (sometimes longer than others, and it wasn't every day).  Some kind of buffer or something was evidently filling up; I had to close and restart Firefox and it would work just fine again.  Maybe they tried to fix that issue and caused this new one.  It is interesting that the issue only seems to happen on the main "home" page with the news feed and not when browsing a personal or business/organization page, a group page, or when scrolling down through "all notifications" when I have a zillion notifications after not checking them for 24 hours.

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Please can the community HIGHLIGHT to Firefox HQ that there are problems
with facebook page scrolling.

 i can't believe that their global web browser has not been tested on the second most
popular global web site ...........FACEBOOK before GOOGLE.

You only need to log into a facebook account.........set a news feed to show NEWEST TIMED CHRONOLOGICAL POSTINGS option.............then as you scoll maybe 10 or more
stories down your news feed you will suddenly see it starts to SKIP and JITTER and stories can scramble .....

.....apparently FF is not the only browser with this's some sort of JAVASCRIPT issue
(it does NOT happen on OPERA  browser)
A workaround was to change the FONT SIZE of the FF and or ZOOM LEVEL but this
isn't that great.

Firefox should solve the problem ASAP.

THis is unnacepptable from such a global web browser AUDIENCE as FF gets.

i have restarted my FF in TEST MODE to make sure that this jittering is not from my own settings
and if TEST MODE also ignores my "about:config" settings ...........then JITTERING is still present
and it's a  true FF issue. (or facebook issue...... or BOTH)

Please get FF headquarters to look into this and solve the issue RIGHT AWAY

i can't use Firefox until this is solved. Millions in the world may also feel the same way.

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Double post.

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same problem, it's been happening for a long time now. Assumed it was a FB fault.
Can temporarily rectify it by closing Firefox and re-opening. But doesn't take long for the problem to resurface.

Recently tried FB in Google Chrome browser and no such issues.
There has been several Firefox updates since this first started. Would have thought they would have addressed it. 

Anyway, have switched to Chrome now for Facebook as the fault is frustrating 

Making moves

104.0.2 STILL doing it, maybe even worse now

I have not seen any response from Mozilla. Is this even being worked on?

105.0.3 Facebook problem still exists. Plus addition issues with certain mouse clicks randomly calling up totally unrelated pages or websites, or in some cases totally ignoring the mouse click or freezing.

This is still, to the best of my knowledge, happening only on Firefox. Please don't make me have to use Chrome or Edge. I need Firefox as my main browser for several reasons

I'm glad to read that I'm not the only person having problems with the funky behavior with mouse clicks!  Mine seems to be related to viewing individual pictures from a post which has multiple pictures.  It doesn't happen always, but it happens after some kind of buffer apparently fills up, which in some cases happens pretty quickly.  The unrelated pages which open have always been something on Facebook; so far, I have never been directed to a random page outside of Facebook.

I have tried using FB on the Pale Moon browser, but it's even worse on there.  When I click the button to get the drop down menu for my account - which is the one which lets you change settings to turn dark mode on/off and to access the "help" menu - nothing happens.  I can't remember what else was wrong on Pale Moon, but with the buttons not working, I gave up and went back to FF.

Maybe FB has a partnership with Microsoft and want us to either use the Edge browser or the Windows app.  I just checked in the Windows Store, and there is a Facebook app.  However, it says, "This app requires the latest version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10."  So evidently the app runs off of Edge.  I don't like Edge, so I'm not resorting to trying the app.

Making moves

Still the same issue. Has been for many many versions now. It happens EVERY TIME you surf facebook. Always. Annoying to say the least and to the point where i consider changing browser because a fix for such a BIG problem cant be done for many months now. I have chats with friends about this problem from half a year back...

Incredible incompetent and considering the massive amount of people with the issue i'm amazed it cant be recreated...

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Could probably use some of the "about 8.9 million hits" as base for information...

Now I remember why I had to quit using Firefox. Sad, because I'd like to use it.

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Same problem as everyone. Very disappointed that Firefox hasn't fixed this for such a major website like Facebook. It's been going on forever. I'm close to ditching Firefox and go back to Chrome again. I've held strong assuming they'd fix it, but it's far too annoying to have to deal with indefinitely. At some point soon, I'll just have to raise the white flag and give it up.

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I've same issue , but today i try stop using autoscrolling and smooth scrolling and then facebook is no more jump scrolling.Auto scrolling.JPG

Nop problam is not fix sorry.

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As of 9/13/2022, Firefox Version 104.0.2, This still isn't fixed. It's really frustrating, I've been a long time firefox user because they kept the classic bookmark manager interface that i like that i dont find in other browsers anymore, but im thinking of switching to an alternative because it's been months and this hasn't been fixed yet :'(

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Just wanted to jump in this thread and provide a quick update. We are looking into and working on the issue (feel free to track the bug here), especially trying to identify the underlying problem. Thank you for your patience and help in bringing this to our attention.

-The Community Team

Familiar face

Thank you.  However, this specific Bugzilla report only mentions Mac computers.  I am using Windows 10 and have this issue.  Is there a Bugzilla entry for Windows OS?  Thanks.

I am also on Windows 10 and have this issue.

I am still using Windows 7 and have the issue.

I am still using Windows 7 and have the same Issue. Using Firefox 105.0 64bit

As of 2022-09-24 08:39:37 ACT

  • OS: Pop! OS 22.04 LTS
  • Firefox: v106.0b3 (64-bit)

It was already the case under Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in 2021 (and relevant FF versions back then).

It's not a Mac only issue.


Making moves

Came here because I'm having the same issues on Windows 10 and it's driving me crazy (been having it for ages too, have had to go to Chrome for FB)

I'm doing the same thing, loaded Chrome only for FB

Making moves

Same problem. I don't want to use Chrome or Edge.

My problem isn't quite the same. A couple of times, Firefox started opening new tabs one after another, and would not stop. I couldn't access settings, because each time a new tab opened, it took the focus. I had to crash it twice, because when it reopened, it continued loading new tabs. Using Chrome, I found that it is possible to open Firefox in safe mode, which stopped the new tabs from opening.

Making moves

Problem fixed.
Started to use Chrome browser.
Firefox is usless.

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Temporary solution works for me 🙂

- right click on fb page

- click inspect accessibility properties

- click on phone/tablet icon in the bottom right corner

Nope. After I close "Inspect access..." and keep scrolling down, it starts to happen again. Has to be something in the javascript, since FB can't load a page via HTML. Someone needs to run a diagnostic trace on the script.

Familiar face

Then what?

just do these three step, problem fixed on my firefox

This does nothing to stop it on my installation.

Making moves

Hello. When I scroll down on Facebook, FB makes itself independent and scrolls on without me. As if by magic, FB keeps scrolling. very tedious

Making moves

Firefox Browser is up to date, 105.0 (64 bit)

Same issue. Started Months ago. Maybe inspect an old build looking for all the changes made?

Thanks, Steve

Making moves

As of 2022-09-24 08:39:37 ACT, this is still an issue, it's actually worse today than the past months combined -- it's a constant battle with scrolling-up and Firefox telling me where I should be, the bottom to trigger Facebook's infinite scrolling (I hate infinite scrolling, why won't people stop using it, you can't even click their Footer links like "About", "Privacy Policy", "Contact Us", etc.)

  • OS: Pop! OS 22.04 LTS
  • Firefox: v106.0b3 (64-bit)

It was already the case under Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in 2021.


Making moves

Had this same problem for a couple months now, but yesterday the behavior changed. After scrolling the news feed for some time to force a dynamic reload of posts, it crashes when opening any post. The post opens, but scroll doesn't work on them, and any left mouse click on anything (comments, links, etc) takes me to another completely random post/page (fb watch, fb adds...) like if there was an invisible page in front of me and not the one I currently have in front of me.

This started last 24th september, firefox version 105.0.1 with windows 10 64-bit.

Mine has also started to do some weird things for the past day or two.  Usually it's when I'm trying to look at a group of pictures; I'll click on a picture to enlarge it and it won't scroll to the others.  Sometimes it will just open a random profile page.  And when I go back to the feed, other buttons won't open - such as the notification icon.  The cursor does not turn into a "hand" to indicate a link, and when I click nothing happens.  Facebook does really odd things sometimes, so I don't know if it's them or Firefox.  (P.S.  This is in ADDITION to the scrolling problem; the jumps are also still happening.)