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Firefox performance on macOS

Making moves

On Apple silicon macs the firefox performance aren't good. It's still memory hog and scrolling aren't good even doesn't support 120hz. Nightly version is tooo lagy. overall Speedometer 2.1 score is far beyond than Chrome and Safari. Firefox lose marktshare bacause of poor perfoamnce of the browser, privacy. Well most people care about speed and perfoamance and simplicity. It's time Mozilla realise and update firefox for the better perofmance in scrolling page up and down and faster. Firefox load website slower than Safari or Chrome. Second Why it uses lots of memory. the most people wants lightest browser.  Mozilla keep saying want to improve in a marketshare. Why lots of people aren't using Firefox bacause due to slower performance.


Making moves


I would like to use Firefox on my Macbook pro, but I notice that it consumes a very very high resources if I leave it open for a day or 2.

I mainly use it for work, which means CSOne and some other links, I was using firefox on Windows and now I use Edge on my macbook, I have never had a great experience on any of them as the pages I load are very heavy, but they are the best I can work with !

I have tried to use the Auto Tab Discard plugin on firefox, still the same behavior.


can anyone think of a way to fix this issue? or maybe Mozilla can provide an update of the app that can fix this?

P.S. I load the same pages on Edge now, it only consumes less than 1G [mostly around 500MB], while Firefox goes up to 2G if I leave it for a day or 2.


thanks / Almo



Is it normal that Firefox takes so much memory on MacOs M1.

I have the latest version of Firefox 105.0.3 (64 bit)

Could you do what is necessary so that it consumes less.

I specify no worries works well, just reduce it.

I have attached a screenshot.

Thank you in advance for your return.



Est-ce normal que Firefox prennes autant de mémoire sur MacOs M1.

J'ai la dernière version de Firefox 105.0.3 (64 bits)

Pourriez-vous faire le nécessaire afin qu'il consomme moins.

Je précise pas de soucis marche bien, juste réduire celle-ci.

Je vous ai joins une capture.

Merci d'avance pour votre retour.