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Firefox on macOS

Making moves

On Apple silicon macs the firefox performance aren't good. It's still memory hog and scrolling aren't good even doesn't support 120hz. Nightly version is tooo lagy. overall Speedometer 2.1 score is far beyond than Chrome and Safari. Firefox lose marktshare bacause of poor perfoamnce of the browser, privacy. Well most people care about speed and perfoamance and simplicity. It's time Mozilla realise and update firefox for the better perofmance in scrolling page up and down and faster. Firefox load website slower than Safari or Chrome. Second Why it uses lots of memory. the most people wants lightest browser. Mozilla keep saying want to improve in a marketshare. Why lots of people aren't using Firefox bacause due to slower performance.


It's time to Mozilla to change Firefox to be more faster performance on Apple Silicon macs. Firefox is slow than Chrome.


Making moves

I am really tired of the constant "upgrades" from Firefox on my Mac.  If you need that many upgrades, is it because Firefox has over-complicated itself and can't get itself working right with the first 20 - 30 up grades?