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Firefox on Mac fan too loud

Making moves


i have a problem with firefox. when i am using firefox and youtube the fan of my MacBook pro (2021, intel i5 2.0 GHz) turining higher and higher.

e.g Video (1080p or 4k).

with Safari i have 62°C CPU and GPU temperatur, FAN-Speed 1000 - 1500rpm, GPU (100-200MHz)

with FireFox i have ca. 100°C, FAN-Speed 4000-5000rpm, GPU (600 - 950 MHz)

FireFox Version: 108.0.2 (64-Bit)

MACOS: 13.1 Ventura

Is this a bug on firefox, or why firefox need so much more ressources from CPU and GPU by using youtube copared to safary ?

Best reguards

Idris K.


Making moves

I'm having the same issue, on a MacBook Pro 13" (2019), macOS 13.4.1, and Firefox 114.0.2. The fans go out loud (and computer goes quite hot, with battery draining fast) when I watch a video on YouTube, and it doesn't do the same when I play videos from other platforms (Netflix, Plex, Criterion, etc.). It's been happening for a few weeks and I don't recall being an issue a few months ago.