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Firefox Incompatibility is increasing

Making moves

Firefox is also now partially incompatible with Schwab (BillPay) and Citi (Rewards and Export). I will soon be forced to leave Firefox for Google Chrome to perform normal banking tasks.


Making moves

Firefox is no longer fully compatible with: a. Bank of America credit card website; b Schwab banking credit card website; c: Citi credit card website. Chrome works for all of the above.

Making moves

when I click on a specific link while examining my accounts, I get logged off immediately and forcefully. I think suspects I am trying to break in or something.

I go over to Chrome and get what I need done, with no adverse action.

Making moves

me++: Firefox not working (can't pass login, getting kicked out trying to switch between internal pages/following links) on,, Bank of America site. The same pages work normally in Safari (I'm on macOS).

Making moves

I can't get the Sign On page at Trying different privacy settings. No good. I click "Sign On", and just get a generic home page.

Sorry. I deleted its cookie. Seems to work now. I hope I don't have to keep deleting it like I have to for the hourly graph at, which periodically causes random types of pages to fail to load properly.

I have to keep clearing the cache and restarting FF every time I log in to Key Bank. In the process of migrating over to Opera

Making moves

also Key Bank, Target, and (can you believe this) the US Postal Service. Brilliant