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Firefox Google image search incompatibility

Making moves

This issue just started yesterday afternoon. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Navigating to the image search part of Google while using Firefox (latest version), the image that comes up is terribly low resolution and it's similar image choices below it are not clickable items anymore. Never had this issue before. Did something new happen between Google and Firefox. The task works fine on other browsers. It's annoying, since I am a Firefox loyalist... Reporting on Bugzilla as well...


Making moves

Same problem here, last update is terrible.
Not only Google search but also, as an example MS Teams group links doesn't work anymore.

The last two weeks i switched regulary between Firefox and Chrome. Because Firefox didnt function as it should do.

Making moves

I experienced the same issue with Firefox and assumed it was a browser-specific issue. When I tried Chrome, I discovered the same issue—the image search is now awful and has changed.