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Firefox: Improve responsiveness of address bar on startup

Making moves

Issue: When starting up Firefox with a custom homepage set, Firefox will wait until the Homepage URL is fully loaded before displaying its URL in the address bar ("open previous tabs" setting on startup is obviously disabled in this case).

While this may only take a few seconds, by that time I might be (and usually am) already typing the address of a site I actually want to visit in the address bar. The URL of the homepage then suddenly appears at the end of what I'm currently typing, rendering the entire thing useless and forcing me to clear it all and start anew or awkwardly select to the end and delete.

This sounds a bit nitpicky, however since switching to Firefox I'm surprised at how often this happens (I never had this issue on Edge, for example). I often start the program, instantly hit `ctrl+L` to focus the address bar, and type away, only to be interrupted when Firefox finally catches up.

The solution seems simple:

If the user is typing in the address bar, don't mess with its contents, ever. There's a distinction between a user having typed something or merely focusing the address bar, obviously, but I don't see this as a technical hurdle that couldn't be overcome.

Alternatively, when a custom homepage is set and Firefox starts up, pre-fill the address bar with the Homepage's URL. If I focus the address bar, it will select the pre-filled url and allow me to overwrite it by simply typing.

Disclaimer: I'm unsure whether this belongs in Ideas or Discussions, so let me know if I should re-post this in the other section (I'm fairly certain this does not qualify as a bug). This is my first contribution to this site so I'm still figuring things out.