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Firefox changing my settings on update

Making moves

OS: Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon

On updating from Firefox 103.x to Firefox 104.0.

  • The Autofill Addresses and Autofill Credit Cards options got turned back on.
  • The Suggestions from the web and Suggestions from sponsors options got turned back on.

I don't need software updates changing my preferences. If I have to search through the settings every time Firefox updates to see what was sneakily reenabled without my authorisation, then there is considerable friction in updating. It makes for a poor user experience.

This is not the first time that Firefox has done this. 

Please stop.


Making moves

That sucks!  That same update to firefox put all my videos out of sync with audio.  I can't figure out how to fix it so I switched to opera.  I have Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia.

Making moves

I have the same problem  with FF using OS windows 10. I have 3 PCs running FF one running Win 7 each one usually ends up with a different problem after an update this time I was lucky only my laptop had a couple of problems.

1st my AV and Pass Word manager icons weren't displayed on the TOOL BAR, this took me about 1 1/2 hours to get fixed.

2nd the Browser appearance was different from the other 2 PCs.

And the want a contribution, when after every up date I got to spend time fixing what got screwed up. I beginning to wonder if they just don't want people to find another browser. But which one are they forcing us to chose?

Making moves

I just updated from Linux Mint 20.3 and sync doesn't.  This is most annoying, I have experienced very few issue updating, because sync worked.  I didn't have to reinstall my extensions. But, since this has just happened.  There doesn't appear to be much noise  coming from the user community.  Maybe something will happen when that happens.  For now, I'll have to reinstall my password manager.

Making moves

I just restarted firefox 106 and it is now imported all my extensions and bookmarks.  Funny thing is I had already restarted it right after update.  I guess the second time is the charm.

Making moves

Same deal, Firefox is changing my preferences each update. Credit card, snippets, renewing add-ons that are already loaded and so on ad infinitum, amen. I find this rather deceitful and concerning.  My feeling is that any privacy settings might be negated against my will. Please address this issue.


Making moves

So annoying! Still the same again: new update, settings reset by Firefox. Time to move to a serious browser. Sorry but bye Firefox!