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Firefox history does not show date and time?

Making moves

I switched to Firefox recently from Google Chrome and I love it! But, the 'History' feature is missing a crucial feature (unless I'm missing something): The actual date and time you visited that particular site. Seems like a feature that should be there but I'll be darned if I can find it.



If you are using the History sidebar, you won't see it there, but you should see it if you pop up the separate Library window. Either

  • menu > History > Manage History
  • (menu bar) History > Show All History

On Windows you also can use Ctrl+Shift+H to launch that window.

If you want to open that in a tab, you can bookmark the following internal address:


(You may be wondering, why does this address start with "chrome://"? This is based on the historical use of chrome to refer to the browser UI, long before another company thought it would be a great product name.)

Making moves

Thanks for the reply. Ctrl-Shift-H brings up the history window but still no dates and/or times being shown. Only the name of the site and the address URL. However, the 'chrome://browser/content/places/places.xhtml' URL does work and shows the date and time. I wonder why that isn't the default behavior?

Making moves

Go to the Show All History window. Control-click on the column headings and make sure Most Recent Visit is checked.

FWIW, the History window and the Bookmark window are the same. Many things don't work in the History window.

Thanks, cb. The main reason I switched to FF is because Chrome stopped working with Disney+ for some reason (so did Edge), but I have to say that Chrome's history function is vastly superior to FF's so far. I installed an extension called "Better History NG" and it is an improvement over the stock FF history functionality but still a long way to go in my opinion.

Making moves

menu_-->history-->manage history-->Views-->show columns-->Most recent Visit(click on the checkbox)(this works only LInux-version,how about windows i dont know soory)

It doesn't work o Windows...😐

Install History Master for better search, It's not perfect but helps.

And one more thing about it: you need to select the dates in the interval to show more of the History...

Same here - Windows 10 - Firefox latest version - the modified date column is there but blank for all entries.  If I select today, yesterday or last 7 days, I get different results so I'm sure it knows the dates, but they are not visible in the history window.  I need to know the date I visited a site so I can provide feedback to the vendor. 

The last modified is for the bookmarks, I am certain most recent visit is default on so not sure why you aren't seeing datetime?

If you want to see history properly, read the .sqlite. For that I use Mozilla History View, you can also use DB Browser for SQLite but not as good.


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