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Firefox Context Menu Broken on toolbar and oh other issues pluge Firefox as well

Familiar face

Today I was updated to Firefox 118 but I'm having so many problems with it first it is this on text menu the on the toolbar the hamburger icon with the 3 lines that got clicked I will show you the image and this is not what its suppose to look like and I ended the task and restarted Firefox and it still looks like this $#!t like come on Mozilla you guys alawys f up so badly.

Context Menu.png

Then everytime I restart firefox its never a fresh seesion I have to go to Task Manger to end the task muitple times and open over and over again.

Sorry I posted in Ideas and not discussions sorry now I got it in the right spot.


Familiar face

@Jon Are the Firefox Devs gonna fix this bug or what!?

Familiar face

@Jon hmmm its been almost a month since I had this bug I'm at version 118.0.2 and its still not fixed yet!!!?!!?

I am on Ver 119.0,and it strikes me that Ffox has modified or corrupted the Win10 settings.  I have followed the suggestions in this topic,  but I get exactly the same result, by closing Ffox and running Msft EDGE.  I get either black words on a stark white background, or light black words on a BLACK background, which I caN't decipher.  No other colour shows up as it did with earlier versions. Is there a way to restore the Windows settings, short of reinstalling Windows itself???

Again Mozilla is aboustle garbage and this is why I'm alawys talking C#rp about them. We need a fix now. @Jon Are you going to fing tell the other devs to fix this $#!t or what you guys are aboulstle $#!t heads as browsers devs.