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Firefox Colour Setup Scheme Picker Is Just Excessive.

Making moves

Today with a recent update I was interested in the new features so clicked though the "Setup in Seconds" with some level of cautious optimism.

I'll keep it brief. The colour scheme setup options are...nauseating.

There's nothing wrong with the colours's the "Flavour Text" that's entirely superfluous.

It's just inappropiate and frankly patronising.



What do these statements mean when assigned to an abitrary colour?

Now some would perhaps point out that I am making a big deal out of this - and I can see why!

But in my mind this is just really annoying and pointless. Why am I an "Activist" for picking Blue? What am I an activist for? Not all activists are positive? And what is "positive" also depends entirely on your political stance which is also not easily defined by two word answers and is always more interesting with discourse.

To clarify - this is not a political rant and specifics of people's personal politics is not what this post is about. It's about this ridiculous and frankly pretentious feature that talks down to it's users.

That aside, I hope that you're all well ❤️ - I always welcome polite feedback 🙂