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Firefox Ask For Primary Password At Startup

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I use Primary Password to protect my saved login credentials that saved in Firefox browser. After I activate the Primary Password, Firefox always ask for Primary Password at startup. Why? I thought Primary Password is used to protect my saved login credentials whenever I want to see it, or maybe someone else. So, how to disable the password prompt at startup without remove protection on my saved login credentials?



If you have Firefox set up to Sync, that will trigger a request to unlock your saved Firefox Account credentials. If you're not in a hurry to Sync, you can just cancel it (tap the Esc key).

Making moves

Hi , i have this annoying issue too .
Is it by design or something due to my parameters?
i tried this but not working :
Some people/forums says it's because of a addon/pluggin  but i disabled all addon and same issue.
is it possible to circumvent this with a parameter and still have the sync turned on with master password ?
If it's by design and due to a security measure , then why is the Firefox account never ask for a password for syncing ?

Thanks for your precious answers