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Firefox Android shouldn't show home screen when tapping on address bar

Making moves

So, there's currently two ways to get to the home screen, either you tap the address bar, or tap the home button/create a new tab.

There's a difference between the two action however, tapping the address bar and typing a URL visits the page in the current tab, but tapping the home button and typing a URL there visits the page in a new tab.

There's no indication as to how you got to that home screen for, did I tap the address bar, or did I tap the home button? I don't always want to create a new tab nor do I want to move away from the page on my current tab.

This also leads to weird behaviors like tapping an address bar and tapping one of the top sites only for it to create a new tab. I'm pretty sure I tapped the address bar, so why did it create a new tab?

This isn't intuitive, and only confuses me who finds having to do an action twice just to make sure, and while I get that it was intended as a way to make the home screen more prominent, yet never have I wanted to get the full home page through the address bar.