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Firefox 99.0 bring dragging multiple tabs to a new window back

Making moves

As title says, before I was able to select multiple tabs and drag them outside the window to create a new window with these tabs, but now when I try it I only drag the one tab I started the drag on.

Please bring it back, it's way easier then right-clicking etc.


Making moves

I have tried this in 99.0 and 100.0b3. It works for me in both versions. Are you selecting the tabs by Ctrl-clicking (or Shift-clicking) and dragging? Are the tabs highlighted?

I had tried with selecting by Ctrl + clicking and then dragging, tabs were highlighted, but only the tab I recently clicked on got dragged.

I tried to reproduce after you commented on this thread but was unable to.

I had a similar issue a few weeks ago, but when I tried it now again, it functions as it used to.
Now on 122.0.1 version.