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Firefox 115 problems after downloading 116 before restart

Making moves

This may only be happening in Windows or maybe I just haven't noticed in Linux.

The problem that is most obvious is that the Gmail server disconnects from the two email windows but the news server does not disconnect.  Other servers seem to remain connected to their respective windows.  Email windows in other browsers remain connected.

Next, it seems that the help support websites <> and <> are currently down.

This has been happening repeatedly for the last few Firefox updates, but I did not realize that it consistently happens while the browser is waiting for me to restart it.  The problems disappear after Firefox is restarted.

I can copy the troubleshooting information to clipboard, but then there is no way to deliver it.



Do you have Firefox set to ask you whether to download/install updates?

I think the problem is that the numerous existing firefox.exe processes are the old code and once that file is replaced, Firefox has problems launching new processes. I don't think simply downloading the update (in response to the prompt) causes the problem because the files usually get replaced at the next startup. But if I launch a different profile and Firefox updates the files during that startup process, then my existing session in the other profile is doomed and needs to be restarted pretty soon after that.