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FF Slow Loading Images and Videos

Making moves

Hi All.


I have been using FF for so many years, pretty much since it came out, but, FF has become S L O W over the past several roll-outs.

For instance, I have noticed sites such as YouTube loads images and videos slower now. The same can be said if I go to things like Holiday sites to see the reviews and pictures of the Hotel and surrounding areas etc, it's all a lot slower that it used to be.

I don't really have any add-ons that would do this, but, just in case I even removed them and re-installed FF. The same thing happens all over again.

My PC is Win 10 with everything up-dated. I also disabled ESET Internet Security in case something had happened there, but the same, no difference.

Can someone please explain whats happening and when it will be fixed please.

Thank you.


PS There are sometimes 6 instances of FF running in Task Manager, and even 12 at times, but I only have one instance of FF running, or one web page?


Making moves

Is nobody bothered about this, then?  FF used to be the best alternative, but clearly it's days are numbered now.