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Feedback: Firefox disappointment

Making moves

I was more or less a happy user of Firefox 55 (no misprint here). If you wonder why I didnt update since then, see below. The only problem with Firefox 55 was that it was not rendering correctly more and more pages. Yesterday I finally updated to Firefox 112. As I suspected, that brought problems:

1. Tabs went up. And there is no a single click solution to repair it. Tabs became higher. huh? Address bar and bookmarks bar became more white than they should be (than menu bar and tabs bar).

2. Firefox creates a lot of Firefox processes, so it creates a mess in TaskManager and it is even impossible to say how much memory or CPU does it consume in total. Who, the hell, wrote that?

3. Firefox consumes up to 50% of CPU although I am working with the other app currently. huh? Overall system performance degraded: hang ups, no reaction for mouse or keyboard for few seconds when Firefox is running.

Developers, if you want people to use your product, please, make it working without bad surprises. If you want people to update without worries, deserve it by providing troubleless updates for years (not your case). If you want users to report further bugs, fix already reported bugs in a timely manner (some of my bugs are not fixed for 3+ years and I basically lost interest).

My final question: do you think it makes sense to fight with the above issues or it is easier to install Chrome or M$ Edge? Which one would you suggest?