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FEEDBACK: FireFox arbritraily closing tabs stored on tab bar hugely annoying

Making moves

FireFox has developed an extremely annoying habit of late of closing stored tabs arbitrarily.  I  customarily keep up to a dozen pinned tabs on the tab bar of sites I often access: news sites, custom search sites, weather sites, etc, and lately I have experienced the annoyance of having one or more of these tab CLOSING when I either swipe the mouse arrow over one of them, or click on one; the one beside it will CLOSE, hugely annoying me. I put those  up there for a reason: to have those sites at my fingertips when I want to access them, and to have them close, sometimes even when I want to access that site, is a distinct p*ss off.This has been occurring since two updates ago; I've mentioned it before but nothing was done. I think devs are messing around too much with a much too-complex piece of software and  not paying attention to what they're really doing. Let's knock this carelessness off, shall we, and deliver a solid, STABLE, browser without al lthe bells and whistles some think are  necessary.



It's strange because pinned tabs should be harder to close than regular tabs, not easier (there's no close button on the tabs to activate in a scroll by, for example).

I noticed that "middle-clicking" a pinned tab will close it. If you are on Mac, you may not even have a middle button, so I'm not sure whether that scenario is relevant for you. Maybe there is some gesture that has the same effect??

Until the "why" is sorted out, keep in mind the Command+Shift+T shortcut to restore the last closed tab, or check the menu:

  • right-click any tab > Reopen Closed Tab
  • menu button > History > Recently Closed Tabs

I almost never use pinned tabs, so if there is something unusual going on with those, I wouldn't have noticed it myself.

Making moves

Me too!!  This is irritating--I've lost numerous tabs that I keep pinned to quick access!  I agree with you 100% and hope that Mozilla will correct this immediately!  Thanks for you input!

Making moves
 Mac has a middle button on the mouse, which generally activates open a new tab/window upon clicking it, but I hadn't noticed if it closes any pinned tabs. At any rate, thanks for your input, your reply caused some thought, although I'm no geek and cannot follow the programming at all.
WhyandWherefore for responding, I'm glad I wasn't just a voice in the wilderness with this one; your response validated what I said and I appreciate the support!  😀