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enable the an update of the addon NIMBUS Capture

Making moves

the NIMBUS capture addon allwos you to

make a screenshot of the active tab

make a capture of a fragment of it

make a capture of a part of it with a rectangle lasso


copy it to clipboard

export it to file

and many more functions



unfortunately the lasso function does not work

for 3 years already

and it seems the reason for that is a problem within the mozilla team


i do not know what is the problem


but i would love to have a function within firefox to capture part of screen with lasso and save it as picture to export it

can be with addon on

can be embedded


the team of nimbus answered me to my report that it does not work with the lasso function:

"As we already said, there is currently no way to update the version in Mozilla due to the editing team at Mozilla. Therefore, we have temporarily stopped updating the addon."