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Do not check periodically for the default browser if not set so in settings

Making moves

There is a setting we all know of: “Always check if Firefox is your default browser”.
If this setting is not set, I believe it should be assumed that the user does not wish such check to be performed.
I don’t see why a non-profit funded browser would try to periodically offer itself as the default browser nonetheless, in spite of the user setting mentioned above. Why? What for?


Making moves

I do not find regular nagging of such kind acceptable, and definitely not welcome…


agreed. PLEASE firefox, this kind of alert popup is annoying, gets in the way of me actually doing work, and makes me want to use the browser even less! is there any way to disable this growth-hacking garbage?

Making moves

doing some reading about the firefox messaging system:

"That voice will respect the user’s attention while surfacing contextually relevant and timely information tailored to their individual needs and choices."

i'm sorry, but intentionally ignoring the user's "check default browser" setting is not respecting the user at all.




To see if

If you wish, you can try with the help of Enterprise Policy Generator

Set default browser check on startup
[case] Don't check if Firefox is the default browser on startup
Generate policies

  "policies": {
    "DontCheckDefaultBrowser": true

Copy/paste the code (example) into Notepad
Type: All files

Create distribution folder
Move policies.json to distribution folder
Move the distribution folder to the folder containing firefox.exe [the program installation folder]
Stop Firefox Start Firefox

Use the Troubleshooting Information page to help fix Firefox issues

Enterprise Policies: This shows you if your browser is being managed by Windows Group Policy or a policies.json file. If enterprise policies are managing Firefox, clicking on Active will show you a list of the policies that are currently active on Firefox.


The warning
Your browser is managed by your organization that's normal and clic opens about:policies

Configuration Editor for Firefox
Search preference name