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Disable the Firefox Android PDF Viewer

Making moves

Firefox Android now opens PDF files in the browser.  This is not something that I want.  Is it possible to disable this "feature"? 

If the answer is "move to nightly builds and muck about with about:config" then I will be uninstalling and canceling my Firefox subscription. 


Making moves

I agree, it is incredibly annoying! At least add an "Save as" button so we can save to file. The problem is when it is fancy URLs, not just something ending in *.pdf

Making moves

Yeah, I'm pretty tired of the forced pdf viewer in firefox at this point. Make it an on/off toggle in the settings.

Making moves

Agreed here. It also makes downloading pdfs so difficult. I don't want to be stuck in my browser while some file is downloading. I just want to click "download" and forget. I want to see the progress of the download in case it fails.

Current pdf functionality of Firefox on android offers none of that. It's unusable. I have to resort to launching chrome just to download a single pdf file.

Meanwhile it is possible to make Firefox usable again by setting pdfjs.disabled to true

Making moves

This is beyond annoying.  The Firefox PDF viewer does not work!  It produces a jumble that is totally unreadable.  I'm attaching two files; the first is a pdf file downloaded and displayed in Firefox on a Windows 11 machine, the second is the same pdf downloaded and displayed on a Samsung Galaxy S6Tab tablet.

I have used Firefox as my browser of choice since its inception.  This "feature" now has me considering if I should switch to Chrome... which, incidently displays the pdf file just fine on the pad. 

Well, it appears I can't attach 2 files so the one you will see is Android Firefox.  You will have to take my word that this displays just fine everywhere else.

Making moves

Try to find this option by typing `about: config` in the search bar. Search for `pdfjs.disabled`. Toggle its value to True.

That only works in nightly perhaps; not in regular Firefox for android.


You can click the "Download" button to save the PDF file and open it with another app.

If you want to download a PDF behind a link without opening it first in Firefox, you can long tap on the link to open the context menu and select "Download link".

Do these two options cover your use cases?