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Deleting Yandex search.

Making moves

I always loved and supported Mozilla. You were the light side of internet. MDN - is a great project. But now you limit the sources of information and my options for choosing a searching service. It really disappoints me(


Familiar face

Yes, what the f

Familiar face

Yes, that is illogical. Removing Yandex because of it's biased ranking system? DuckDuckGo does literally the same thing, and it's even a public statement: And if that's true, Google most probably does the same thing (they've just blocked all the russian YouTube channels connected with politics).

Information is information, you learn how to use it instead of driving people away from all other sources of information. Sure, the situation on Ukraine is horrible and scary, but it's not all black and white, and not that obvious for sure. Honestly, living in a region where 2 streams of propaganda collide, I can say that I see lies from both sides, I see facts from both sides, and I see manipulation from both sides. Seeing all this brings me closer to the full picture, where no one's innocent, Ru and US streams are both showing facts of cruelty, sometimes they have proofs, sometimes they have disproofs, sometimes they omit facts or turn them around, because there's no way to know who's responsible. I see that from both sides.

Honestly, I understand why people don't want to make their own investigations - the topic is too complex, and it's easier and less time consuming to just adopt an opinion formed by one propaganda and just see other propaganda as nitpicking and biased, just because it's opposite and contradicts your formed beliefs. Who screams the loudest wins more hearts, and then it's a chain reaction. I have my own opinion, but I won't let it slip here, because this is not the place.

Seeing all this also brings me to realization that this is actual informational war, where US uses bigger power of censorship that is over the verge of power abuse. Ru may have used their power to block websites in RU region too, but in reality, it only affects Russians, not the whole world and it didn't block the biggest media websites till the last moment, when some of local media decided to stop altogether even without blocking, and big guns like Google came into play (not expanding on the fact that Russia is being cancelled right now in the market sphere too). Ranking, censoring, changing hate speech policies to be more permissive, turning off Russian citizens off services, like that's gonna help Ukraine.

And this is a war you took a part in, volutarily or not.

Principle 2 of Mozilla manifesto says:

The internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible.

And while you still allow to add Yandex as a search engine manually, removing it contributes to an internet being not so open, that is shaped by governments and corporations without competition. It destabilized the balance from Principle 9

Commercial involvement in the development of the internet brings many benefits; a balance between commercial profit and public benefit is critical.

because instead of public benefit, it shifted towards a commercial benefit (I get it, Google is a major investor in Firefox, and US is a huge market that is too painful to lose because of US government political stance towards connections with Russia). No words about political neutrality, but I guess it's not profitable and not really executable - when you are a big Company, you are either a political instrument or no more. That's a pity.

Familiar face

It's all because of the NWO and their operations. They could not tolerate seperate independant states, so they shell their own population in the east.

How can we form independant seperate breakaway states in europe? (zelensky is a nwo freemason zionist puppet who has 35m mansion in usa, he's also homo there is a video of him...)

I want europe to have seperate, sovereign, independant breakaway countries (who govern themselves with direct democracy for and by the people).

Donetsk People's Republic (and LPR) is a good example what we can and should do in the future, to be free. If we do not do it, we will be slaves and totally owned by the NWO.

Sovereign seperate countries in Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Romania, WHOLE EUROPE more decentralized, local and sovereign. So that the centralized NWO can't as easily take them all over and buy them and their corrupt politicians.

Making moves

I was curious as to what was changed in the latest update and saw this. I don't even use Yandex or and I'm not Russian, but this seems pretty messed up. Why is my internet browser telling me what I can and can't use as a search provider??

Familiar face

Because you use their currency system (central banking system) that they established 1913 and they have since taken over almost every country in the world (countries who don't use their interest-debt-enslavement system get put into war, example lybia, it used state banking and issued credit on their own without interest. their country did not ask a bank above them for credit that they would have to pay back with interest. the nwo does not permit that. every country has to be in their system and enslaved.) In order to further enslave the masses, now the plan of digital enslavement and abolishment of cash, racemixing (example this french president called for it and replacement of white population through mass migration and genocide. Reason: NWO owners hate white people, because they are the most likely ethnicity to stop and not accept their plan. Subversion in movies, hollywood, news etc... Every power position easily bought in this "democratic" system. This allows centralized control to one point. That's what they want, have already partly implemented and will continue to do. 1 command station to control them all. Worldwide Communism.

Familiar face

Woah, "NWO", "vaccines", "masks", what? Are all people that are frustrated with censoring and nation cancelling gonna talk about these things?

I mean, sure some things about them may be true, but it's a shady path to follow - some things are also twisted in some way and some are just straight up speculation. I'm kinda scared to give kudos to these even if they contain facts I agree with. If these are just the buzzwords used to call out the heads of organizations, they still give off conspiracy vibes.

Leave pandemic topics outside of this discussion please - this is a huge precedent on it's own, there's enough to speak about objectively, without talking about some secret dudes that want to control the population with vaccines and rule the worldor something like that. Because this actual problem will be seen as a part of some conspiracy theory too, people will just look at all this and mark all the arguments as invalid in their heads, because they'll think this is about some lunatics (no offense).

Let's use facts, and keep a respectful conversation about questionable Mozilla actions here

Making moves

Not sure if I agree with your reasoning here, but you know that you can easily re-add search engines at the searchbar, right?

Making moves

I'm from USA, I use, Yandex, VK, and many other services. I haven't set Yandex to my default search engine (come to think of it, why haven't I? idk) but I have added it in it's variations as buttons under my search bar. There are even Yandex EN and just 'vanilla' as well... That said - if Firefox goes anywhere near these I will leave in a hurry. ... Since the last updates, streams and youtube freeze in weird ways... probably need to update windows... since that seems to be the sole purpose of buying a computer is to let these companies who hold monopoly on the software we use have complete control of our device for any and every purpose they want, when they want, how they want - with zero real substantive control over it.

I'm gonna start looking at other browsers.

Also, Steel... pretty cringe dude.