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Decluttering Library bookmarks list

Making moves

Recently I noticed alternative row coloring on bookmarks list. Far from visually clarify, it makes me hard to identify them given the fact that I'm using separators (even doubled) for grouping the bookmarks. So, the combination of separators and alternative colors it's redundant.
I'm pretty sure that could be customizable through some variable or css code, but I suggest create an easy option to customize it or even remove this supposed (redundant really) visual aid.

Also, I think that bookmarks metadata require too much vertical space in the screen. Name and URL are basic metadata, but Tags and Keyword with their respective help message, in my experience, are rarely used and could be in expandible a hide/show panel. Maybe there are users that expect a bigger display of data but for me it's the easy way to handle large amount of bookmarks and I would like to maximize the rows of bookmarks.

Years ago used to be in that way. Could it be reviewed?