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dark mode doesn't convert black on white pages to white on black ?

Making moves


I do have select "dark mode" in parameters/language, but the pages remains the sames.

I was expecting a convertion of "positive" pages (dark characters on light background) to "negative" pages.

Why doesn't it function ?

(I apologize for my poor english language, I'm french in Marseille 😁)


Not applicable

The Website appearance setting only requests sites to use their own dark themes. There's a request for Firefox to make sites dark by itself: Built-in dark mode for web contents.

Currently, you have to use one of these extensions:


Familiar face

I had an issue like this, webpages were black with black text or the same but with white despite I selected never but I fixed by enabling Use system colors. Ensure that you set always or only with high contrast themes on the drop-down menu.