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Create the "Report a bug" form

Making moves

Hi guys.

It's ridiculous. You have 'Idea' form and 'Discussion' form, a lot of signing in, moderation, redirecting and all of this kind.

But what really matters is a simple 'Report a bug' form. There is no such thing. I'm not interested in any 'Discussions'. This is a program. This is a bug. This is it.

This is why Firefox seems dead for a long time. I've just seen 'Help' > 'Share feedback' and what? Now I'm writing a MESSAGE to the DISCUSSIONS. Where is a normal bug tracker?

It's obvious, that you are really not interested in getting feedback. Because the chain should look as this:

1. 'Report an issue' menu item in 'Help'

2. Simple form with no redirecting/signing/whatsoever.

3. The result page is trackable by URL. And the user can reopen it if it's reproducible.

Until you do this, there will be no good to old poor Firefox.


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I think we need a place to organize information to report to Bugzilla.

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> Where is a normal bug tracker?

Making moves

Yes, I agree. I want to report a bug. The Video/Audio Autoplay Block preference is not working I have Preferences set to block autoplay on video and audio, but videos still autoplay.


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It's always a good idea to compare / check if other users can repdoruce the issue (that also helps to refine the steps to reproduce, that the devs might need if it is truelly a bug)

A good place to ask for verification (and help) is

Familiar face

Interesting,  but ultimately not helpful are posting links to bug trackers. 

This is very popular with the Linux community and it is not uncommon for bug to languish for decades as no one has any idea what the issue is, let alone if it is something to fix.  For this reason, access to the bug trackers is played down in projects that are actually trying to be proactive in bug reporting and triage.

I have spent time in the Bugzilla bug tracker at and a significant number of bugs raised are either misdirected support requests or simply so lacking in relevant information as to be useless. Many many back and forth exchanges are gone through trying to establish if the bug actually exists.  Often to the point that a developer would spend inordinate time just getting up to speed in fixing the issue.

Given all these project are short of resources,  wasting developer time on simple user error is not a good use of resources.  Nor is encouraging anyone who thinks they want to offer some sort of feedback to raise a bug.  Basically a tedious process that offers no return at all if the bug is invalid.

Just to be clear,  Bugzilla also has a moderation and sign on requirement and unlike this site which uses the same credentials as firefox sync and the support forum,  bugzilla is standalone with email address and github.

Making moves

But how then you can see if more people are reporting the same bug? In discussions that seems very complicated, bug reporting is simplier than long discussion which seem waste of time. Bug reporting - this happens, letting you know, maybe if more people are suffering from you you could fix its seems simpler.

Making moves

Agreed. Same "feedback" system with "discussion" as the only option in Mozilla Thunderbird, and having reported bugs in both "ideas" and "discussions" before with no developer every acknowledging, the only recourse I've found is to go back to a version before the bug appeared, and do that documented (on Google, not here!) method of blocking updates for a while, using registry keys.