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Copy Link Without Site Tracking Feature - Logic Issues

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"Firefox supports a new “Copy Link Without Site Tracking” feature in the context menu which ensures that copied links no longer contain tracking information."
While this is a welcome change, i'd be much much more useful to replace “Copy Link Without Site Tracking” with “Open Link Without Site Tracking”...
Otherwise there's the needless waste of time manually open a new tab and paste the link...
This completely lacks any logic if you ask me, why didn't mozilla make it as i suggest above in the first place? Why the manually klick klick waste of time?


Making moves

And its placed where the "paste" option was - which is annoying af and totally stupid. Can u deactivate it manually?


This information

Go to Configuration Editor
Search preference name privacy.query_stripping.strip_on_share.enabled
Try false

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Agree on all of this. It might be a great feature, but it should be something you can check in the settings to have it as the default and forget about it.  It kept messing me up.  As someone wrote on reddit, "It was messing with my muscle memory as I always click on the longest looking text to select paste, but instead, I kept on pressing this other copy button instead."

At least now I know about about:config.

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As usual, we get a "feature" we never asked for, which is implemented poorly, and which is shoehorned into the interface.  The number of times I go to paste a link and instead COPY A LINK I DIDNT WANT TO COPY is insane.  What kind of dumb design replaces a function with one that does the exact OPPOSITE of what it used to?  They seemingly do it on purpose as a way to brute force us into using the feature.  I am so sick of this crap.  I used to like opera because they let you change the interface, but even they started pulling the same crap with removing features and implementing features for reasons that were not in the best interest of the user.



@sayten wrote:

 I used to like opera because they let you change the interface

Advanced Firefox themes engine

Making moves

I don't understand what is going on.   When I COPY a link, I am just copying the URL.  And when I paste it, for example in a text document, I just paste the URL.  When I use COPY WITHOUT SITE TRACKING, I paste the same plain old URL. 

so, what this does is very poorly explained.  How can copying a link have anything to do with the code it executes?


Firefox is built with a list of known tracking parameters, and those particular parameters are removed from the link during copying if you select this command. You can see the current list here:

Think about sharing a link with a friend. Removing the tracking parameter makes it more difficult for the third party tracking service to connect you and your friend in the social graph data they sell to advertisers.

Other parameters are not removed, so ordinary URLs aren't going to look different.

 your missing my point.   The tracking stuff is not removed FROM THE LINK.    It is removed FROM THE CODE THE LINK POINTS TO.  (Is this called the "style sheet"?)

Am I wrong?   Are  a URL and a "LINK" not the same? 

From what I find in wikipedia,

"This <link /> element points the browser at a style sheet to use when presenting the HTML document to the user."   (source:

so,  does "copy without site tracking" not mean:  copy the "style sheet" while removing (negating?) any tracking stuff?



"Copy Link without Site Tracking" doesn't change the page. It copies the URL of the link and removes known tracking parameters. For example, with a hotel found in a Google hotel search, it removes the last parameter that you would normally have with "Copy Link": 


You dont seem to understand how tracking works online.  That would be the first issue.  Not all links have tracking info imbedded in the URL/link.  Many do, and thats usually the string of letters and/or numbers added to the end of a link.  There are other ways to track as well.