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Constrain or set the maximum font size limit of text in web pages

Making moves


I am a Firefox user. Recently I've been noticing a trend of web pages using font sizes that are way too large to be readable easily (for e.g. like headings and other titles).

How can I set the Maximum Font Size limit in pixels for the text in webpages? If the font size is set higher than the limit, it is clamped to the maximum. This seems like an essential feature that is missing. There's already a 'minimum font size' setting, but I'm looking for the opposite.

Can you suggest solutions?


Hello, thanks for providing the solutions. I noticed the Font slider won't work on some webpages, (just for example). The slider has no effect even when setting the size on the top level html element.

The second solution, while it works, it makes all font sizes the same size, which is not ideal.

Ideally, Firefox should provide a "Maximum font size" as requested in the first post, to go along with "Minimum font size".


You might want to create a post under the "Ideas" section, since these"Discussion" threads generally do not get into the queue for new feature consideration.

Probably a maximum could be implemented using a similar approach to the minimum size: if the site sets a size beyond the limit, use the limit instead. Doesn't sound hard, but I don't know how many people would use it. Maybe if a popular site is especially disproportionate, there would be more demand.