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Concerns over ethical problems with Mozilla

Making moves

I've recently found out about concerning ethical problems in the high managment levels of the Mozilla corporation. I've always been a huge fan of Mozilla, specifically for its ethics and for the Foundation's efforts in privacy protection. Lately though, there have been an increasing number of worrying choices, including the acquisition of "private" targeted ad tracking company Anonym.
But this month, news broke of the board of directors laying off CEO-to-be Steve Teixeria because of a cancer diagnosis. I am deeply disgusted by these news and would appreciate Mozilla explaining their actions with this case. Furthermore, I'd like to remind Mozilla that their products' userbase is made up mostly by people who are interested specifically in their ethics, and if those were to evaporate, so would their userbase. There are plenty better products with horrible ethics, and as many worse products with better ethics. I think some care is needed.