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Completely deleting history for a particular site

Making moves

I did a search for an airline ticket on momondo and then went back and it remembered my last search, the two airports I had entered as well as the dates.  I have completed deleted the history for the day I did the search and I also looked for any other momondo entries in my history and deleted those as well.  I even did a search using the airport codes to see if there is any residual information relating to the search as I had been transferred to a specific vendor to buy the ticket.  Despite all this when I go back to the site it brings up the last search again...

How is Momondo tracking my searches?



Hi Krikor, what method did you use to delete history? Firefox uses history both in the strict sense (URLs of pages you visited = browsing history, URLs of files you downloaded = download history) and in a broader sense (including form field history, search history, cached web content, cookies, etc.).

One way a site could remember your search is if it set a cookie or placed information into local storage on your last visit. When you are on their page, open the Storage Inspector panel (Shift+F9) to see what the site has stored on your current (and potentially previous) visits. You can right-click cookies to delete them. Or to clear all of the site's cookies and local storage data, click the lock icon in the address bar and use the "Clear cookies and site data..." option.

One way Firefox might offer a form fill suggestion is using Form History. The following article has more info on how that works:

Does any of that seem to match up with what you're seeing?