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Changing the deceitful automatic update policy & settings

Making moves

There are many threads concerning the forced updates Firefox has been pushing on users for a long time now. But I want to discuss here about the implications of the deceitful way this policy is presented - as a lie, in my opinion.

In the general settings, where the 'disable updates' setting has been gone for a long time now, the last bastion that remains is something like 'check for updates, but let me decide when to install'. However, the updates are obviously installed without consent, giving way to the infamous issue (or idea, should I say) where the user must restart firefox before being able to open new web pages. This issue has been adressed many times on many forums, sometimes on an extremely emotional tone.

At that point, since this appears to be a policy and not a bug, I think the option 'to let me decide when to install' should disappear completely, because it doesn't do that, on purpose. I don't think proposing a fictitious or misleading setting belong to the mozilla guidelines, or at least its spirit.

I'm saying this for the general interest. In my private interest, I am immensely annoyed by this policy, and I will abandon Firefox if the option came to disappear, after a good run of 17 years (!) - but this is not the point here. This is a matter of principle.

Any thoughts ?


Making moves

Maybe this should go in 'ideas'. Is there a way to change this ?

Making moves

I want to know what each change is prior to accepting it!! Not all changes are for the better in this world, only about half of all changes are improvements, overall. Certainly Firefox changes are much better than windows changes, but that does not require much.  The description does not need to be meticulous, just accurate.