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Best Version of FireFox Browser

Making moves

If this has been posted already, I apologize. Please direct me to right place so I can read others comments or you can simply post new ones here.

As most of us have learned, Firefox has been rapidly declining in popularity and I was wondering which version(s) was the best before it all started going downhill. I think any version prior to when you had the ability to manually update was the best. Where as now you get an annoying reminder ever 12 hours until you do.

Another, recent change, that I just came across, involves Facebook and the AdBlock addon. The new update has completely messed up the filtering settings. Any manual filters you have in place start filtering out parts of Facebook that you don't want covered and vise/versa. I've had to remove all of them and start over. Very frustrating.


Making moves

I'm having trouble period with Facebook and Firefox. I really don't want to use Safari but I have so little time in the morning to even check to see if family has posted anything and I'm constantly getting this page is slowing Firefox down. Dang near everything is slowing Firefox down. I hope they fix this soon.