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Changes in Thunderbird 115.8.0 causing problems.

Making moves

I have used Thunderbird since approximately 2015, and have been happy with the program.  However, last week, suddenly, Thunderbird crashed, and when I restarted it, my password was no longer stored on my computer, most of my archived emails were no longer accessible, and all of my local folders, where I stored important messages, were gone.  I have been trying to recover my lost messages and local folders without success.  Also, now, Thunderbird frequently downloads new messages without my clicking on the cloud icon, and if I am in the process of deleting unwanted messages, the download causes the selected message to hump to another place in the list, and I accidentally delete messages that I wanted to save.  Also, the Junk folder is now empty, and messages are being randomly marked as spam, but are not moved to the junk folder, which is now empty, and a new Known Spam folder has appeared and now contains over 100 messages that I have not vetted. Needles to say, I am not happy with the changes.  My current experience with Thunderbird is leading me to look for another email program if the current version is not fixed.


Making moves

I am having similar remorse after the most recent (Feb for me) update.  My Thunderbird used to collect and send messages No problem, but now....It took over a week to get it set up again.  I thought everything was fine yesterday, but now again I get the error: "Could not connect...connection refused."  This is the same error I got before going through all the gymnastics of entering this and that and then being reminded that the bridge password was also part of the equation.  Apparently the Bridge is NOT the final variable. I have been a regular contributor to Thunderbird (I believe that NOTHING is free save the Grace of God), but I hate paying for things that do not deliver.