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Calendar: "Start the week on"...

Making moves

I have posted about this several times in the past few years...

Is anybody else out there concerned/affected by the "Start the week on" calendar setting? There seems to be no interest in addressing the software glitch that changes randomly the setting from Sunday to Monday. It's been going on for a few years and in all the (Wintel 10) versions to which I've updated.

I imagine that a radio button/check box once checked would stay that way: I've never seen another piece of software decide to ignore user preferences like this.

So are we just expected to go into the settings multiple times a day to make sure they're all as they should be? Is that what the rest of you are doing daily? Personally I find it frustrating to go to the calendar to check an appointment, panic because the event is over or late or something, only to find the weekend is now piled up at the end of the week...yet again...