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missed keystroke inut in new update (like this one, I entered "input"!)

Making moves

only in firefox, and after new update, I experience missing keystrokes, what should we do? it claims to use 30% less RAM, please do something I don't want to change browsers, thanks dear fox 😘


Making moves

I second this. Strangely, this is not the case with every text form. Reddit comes to mind as an instance where it's bad. This website is also bad. If I type letter by letter, everything registers. When I burst really quickly the occasional letter drops. And no, it's definitely not a user error. I deactivated every browse extension, no difference. Using Windows 11 and always the latest Firefox.

Making moves

I'm getting the same thing with text input in Zendesk when creating tickets through the support agent interface. I thought I was going crazy, but it's consistent on Firefox v124 on both Win10 and Win11 machines.

It makes Zendesk totally unusable for me.