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Browser-sniffing capability for Ad Blocking.

Making moves

So, very recently, I've noticed that certain websites like "The Weather Channel" and even "WeatherBug" are somehow doing some browser-sniffing? to find out if you've got 'Ad-Blocking' set in FireFox.  And, if you do, some sites are now denying you access.  The Weather Channel does this now.  It won't let you use the site, unless you turn off Ad-Blocking.  WeatherBug is a little bit nicer about it.  They just ask you to consider turning off Ad-Blocking, but they still let you click through the pop-up banner and use the site...

It might be nice if Mozilla could eliminate their ability to detect if we have Ad-Blocking turned on.




A common method of detecting whether ads are blocked is trying to load ads and then if they don't load, assuming they were blocked. I think the only way to prevent that would be to allow the ads. And then push them out of view or maybe make them invisible.