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Bring Back The Old Extensions Button

Making moves

Really don't like the new extensions button/menu, it was much simpler and easier when I could hit a button directly on my toolbar to take me to the add-ons manager. Finicky I know but I just like convenience. If the button is here to stay at least give us a choice between old and new.



Most likely you will end up with both. If you want to pin a button on the Extensions drop-down directly to the toolbar, right-click that item (one button mouse? Ctrl+click it) and then click Pin to Toolbar.


Thank you man! You save me. Why nobody write about this trick in help documentation?

Making moves

Pinning to Toolbar doesn't really accomplish the same thing.

Under the old system, extension icons could be placed in the Overflow menu, and intermixed there with other default items (such as the old Extensions button, Cut/Copy/Paste buttons, etc etc).