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Better support for the add-on for accessing journals and other online publications (Firefox Mobile)

Making moves

The Firefox add-on bibbot facilitates access to German journals and other online publications that are behind a paywall. The prerequisite is that you are a member of a public library or similar institution in Germany and Austria. I use the add-on regularly and find it a great help. It saves time and effort. Unfortunately, the addon only works for Firefox on the desktop. Under Firefox for Android the addon does not work due to a bug in firefox. The bug is described in Bugzilla and unfortunately has not been fixed or assigned to someone to fix for a year.

I suggest that the bug be fixed so that I and everyone else can use the addon on Firefox for Android as well.

Who is able to fix the bug?

Can the bug possibly be taken over by a volunteer from Mozilla?




It appears the bug you listed was resolved a couple weeks ago, soon after your post.