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Becoming bad browser?

Making moves

For the past week-an-a-half or so Firefox has become, or acts as if it is, unstable. One recent crash, recent inability to connect to sites I have regularly used for several years, recent password malfunctions, denying access to shows regularly streamed. If it was just one or two of these things, that's understandable because of my limited inside knowledge of how the programing of operating systems and programs are made and work in general, or just coincidence; however, the number of occurrences in such a short time frame make me wonder about a) hacker attacking your software (as in hackers reported in the news this week attacking America), and b) it has something to do with the nationwide Spectrum Crash not long back. There are a c) and d) possibilities to this, but I have a much better impression of your Company and its products to empower them by even thinking about them further. So, thank you. If this is something, or nothing, I thought it should be brought to your attention.